Girls into VC

May 06, 2024
by: Dina Lyon

In this podcast episode, Girls into VC shines the spotlight on Corinne Bortniker, Principal at Radiate Capital and Director at Cohen Circle. With a robust background in investment banking at Cowen Inc. and Wells Fargo Securities, Corinne delves into her journey navigating the realms of healthcare, tech, media, and telecommunications.

At Radiate Capital, Corinne channels her passion for driving change by investing in health and financial services ventures aimed at addressing pressing global challenges, all while yielding remarkable financial returns. Notably, Corinne's exceptional contributions recently earned her a well-deserved spot among Venture Capital Journal's esteemed 40 under 40 Rising Stars for 2024.

Listen in as Corinne shares her insights into her roles at Cohen Circle and Radiate Capital, where she collaborates with trailblazers in the fintech sphere within a women-led team. Her dedication to social impact investing and her efforts in guiding startups to implement impactful KPIs underscore the transformative potential of startups in enriching lives worldwide.

Through her compelling narrative, Corinne offers a glimpse into her evolution from being one of the few women in investment banking to becoming an integral part of a dynamic women-led team at Radiate Capital. Tune in to discover the inspiring journey of a rising leader shaping the future of finance and social impact investing.

About Girls into VC

Girls Into VC is the first organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in venture capital. We are forming a pipeline of talented and motivated young women ready to enter the field of venture capital with the educational resources and mentorship we provide. Join us every other Wednesday to hear from female venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and advocates about their career paths and lessons they have learned along the way!

Learn more and listen to all episodes here.

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