What the FinTech? | SPAC to the future

November 21, 2023
by: Cohen Circle Team

In the latest episode of the What the FinTech? Betsy, Daniel and FinTech Futures editor Paul Hindle delve into the current sentiment in the industry around SPAC mergers and whether we may see a new wave of popularity as economic conditions improve. They also take a look at the venture capital scene and the notable fintech investment trends to come from this year, as well as how Cohen Circle has looked to approach its investment strategy at a time when global funding activity has slowed down.

And finally, we find out what fintech buzzword Betsy and Daniel want to lock away in Fintech Jail!

Listen on Apple or Spotify.

About What the FinTech?

The What the FinTech? podcast is hosted by our FinTech Futures editor, Paul Hindle, with a different guest each episode.

In each episode, released bi-weekly, we’ll be discussing trending topics, with our guests sharing useful insights and strong opinions from their area of expertise. We’ll also be ruthlessly banishing buzzwords to our “fintech jailhouse”!

The podcast is free and available on all major platforms, such as SpotifyApple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

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