WIN / WIN | Women in Innovation

March 26, 2024
by: Cohen Circle Team

This episode explores Betsy Cohen and Amanda Abrams’ journey and experiences in the finance and investment industry. They discuss the skills and qualities they seek in founders, the vision for Cohen Circle and Radiate Capital, and their role in innovation in fintech. Through a discussion of their personal and professional experiences, Zoia, Amanda, and Betsy touch on what diversity means to them and conclude with a discussion on gender dynamics in the workplace and the industry.

Listen for advice on:

  • How thinking outside the box and reinventing oneself plays a unique role in the financial and investment industries
  • Why financial inclusion and impact investing are essential areas of focus for innovation in fintech
  • How diversity can drive innovation and success
  • The challenges and opportunities within fintech and the future outlook on its next phase

About WIN / WIN

WIN/WIN is an original podcast from Women In Innovation featuring conversations between Zoia Kozakov and women leaders who’ve carved careers in the historically male-dominated innovation space (innovation consultancies, innovation departments in Fortune 500 companies, and the startup ecosystem) — defining their own futures and creating a world where we all win. Each episode presents a one-on-one interview with a compelling innovator, delivering practical advice, strategies, and the stories of what drives them.

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