Webinar: Getting it Right with BaaS

How FIs can invest in the right partners to meet customer demands for embedded finance.

Hear from panelists at MaxwellBillGO, and FinTech Masala as they answer these questions and discuss the biggest opportunities (and challenges) in BaaS for financial institutions.

With fintech and banking pioneers Betsy Z. CohenJohn PaasonenKen Salazar, & Dan Long, moderated by Daniel Cohen.

Watch the full recording here.

Webinar Recording: Getting it Right with Baas


We're at a point now, both in consumer awareness and technology in support, where the banks can actually take back the customer. That's the real benefit of embedded finance. - Betsy Cohen, Cohen Circle

Today's consumer is frustrated with the fragmentation of what what it takes to manage their personal financial lives, and their well being...The majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, they are literally managing their cash flow on a daily basis, and prioritizing when bills need to be paid. And FIs have not updated that experience and made it easy for the consumer to manage and pay their bills. - Ken Salazar, BillGO

I love the ATM example. Banks were afraid of losing touch with their customer. But in fact, what it did was create another touch point with their customer, where they could have another experience and engage that consumer  as the consumer mindset was shifting and how they wanted to interact with their bank.- John Paasonen, Maxwell

We've seen a lot of large FIS focus on data, how to how to gather data, and use that data to create better products and services. A lot of investors on a strategic basis look at what kind of products they want to integrate upfront that really drive revenue, and how they want to expand their margin. - Dan Long, Cohen Circle

If you have one product with a customer, the customer might move, if you have two products, they're less likely to move. If you have three, you touch them in three ways. They'll never leave. Betsy Cohen, Cohen Circle